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We are dedicated in bringing great goodies to all the lovely girls out there!
From hand sewn totes (and laptop cases), to pretty fashion apparels and lifestyle items!
We are, for all things lovely & dainty!

Emily & Trella 

Please check back soon! We are currently updating our catalog in order to serve you better! :)

Please check back soon! We are currently updating our catalog in order to serve you better! :)

Please use our order form to place your orders! We will reply you with an invoice within a few hours to 3 working days! Thank you for your support! :)
For your convenience, you may click here for a pop up order form.

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Terms & Conditions
Thursday, 1 January 2009 @ 02:27
Please read our terms and conditions carefully and thoroughly! By purchasing from us, you have hereby agreed to abide by our rules and terms! This is to prevent any sort of misunderstandings and ensure a hassle and problem free transaction! (:

  • We do not entertain any refunds and exchanges. We always make sure we triple check all orders before submitting it to our suppliers.
  • We only take in orders that are paid on a first come first served basis!
  • We have the right to cancel a pre-order batch if it is out of stock. 
  • Pictures provided by supplier may differ slightly with actual products, but all products that we'll pre-order here are based on excellent reviews.
  • Registered mails are highly recommended to prevent loss of mail in the process of shipment.
  • We are not liable and responsible for any lost or damaged mail!
  • If you are uncomfortable or unsure of the quality of the products and prices, you are not obliged to purchase from us! 
  • If you are uncontactable when your goods arrive, we will only hold on to your items for 2 weeks, after which we will confiscate your items.
What are your cancellation and refund policy like?

We ensure that all our items that are imported and shipped out are of high quality and free of defects. Thus, we only do refunds on a case by case basis.

  • Cancellations
  • We will NOT entertain any cancellations after payment's received or order is made! As stated at the top, we always do stringent checks on the orders before shipping them out to you. 
    Should there be a refund, it will be in a form of a credit note.